Teacher Tracy

Tracy is a compassionate teacher that supports students by challenging them to listen, learn, understand and express themselves and their ideas to the fullest, starting from their skill level.  All this is to expand your child’s connection to others in an empowering and engaging way.

She teaches using methods of Demo, Do it, Review it. All classes are experiential with lots of interactions!  Students learn simple frameworks to improve their understanding, memory, and retelling abilities of any topic they learn.


Academic: M.B.A. Design Strategy 2015, California College of Arts; M.S. Work in Nutritional Biology, University of Chicago; B.S Applied Science, Indiana University.

Workshops and Certificates completed:  TEFL, Duarte Methods in Public Speaking, Resonate, Perfect Pitch, The MAX with actor Paula Shaw, over 80 multimedia pitch presentations with teams. World Bank’s Rocket Innovation facilitator.

Creator: USAID AND SEC (SWISS), Perfect Pitch Bootcamp, the path to communicating your ideas.

Instructor, Facilitator, Group Leader:

ESL Teacher: completed over 12,000 online English as a second language (ESL) classes with students K -12, 4+ years with consistent attendance 2018 – 2021.

Expert Facilitator: 2018 – 2020, UNICEF’s educational web platform for character and EQ (emotional intelligence) instructional games, for grade1-3 and 6-9.

Instructional teaching in Science – Biology, Human Systems, Sustainable Ecology and Nutrition.

Instructional teaching in Design – Innovation, Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design, Adobe Illustrator, Digital Collage, Creative Thinking, Keynote presentation, PowerPoint and iMovie.


WeChat ID big_idea_teacher
Email plentypractical@gmail.com
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Contact me via WeChat or email prior to purchasing all camps and camp-a-thon group sessions to discuss details. 


Students experience English lessons to improve:

Pronunciation: learn the sounds of letters to more difficult sounds from vowels to blended consonants into single and multiple syllable words.

Reading: pronunciation, intonation, emotion, flow, and use of original sentences to demonstrate comprehension.

Key Words and Sentence Structures:  build vocabulary and keywords altered for different parts of speech and build descriptive sentences.

Verb Forms: focus on simple past, present or future. Use perfect to continuous forms for advanced students.

Express ideas, Storytelling, Retelling: respond with keywords, respond with advanced original sentences and use a story or how-to keywords, and answer 5W 1 H questions when speaking or writing.

Comprehension: use keywords during comprehension exercises, in questions, answers, and free talk.

Online Course Service Terms

Reserve class timeslots and camp placement

Contact me via WeChat or email with your questions and to reserve a class timeslot, prior to purchasing.

Contact me via WeChat or email prior to purchasing all camps and camp-a-thon group sessions to discuss preplanning, supplies, how it works, class size and firm dates. 

First Lesson Set up

For new students, first lesson is free to allow for proper class setup, introductions, and student survey.  Parent and student attend first class.

Lessons are conducted on the VOOV Meeting video and voice. The app is available on macOS, iOS, and Android.

Parents agree to connect via WeChat and to provide an email account.


English lessons are for 35 minutes. Payments are made in bundles of 12, 16, 24, 32 or 64. To secure your timeslot, renew when you have 2 classes left. The 12, 16, 32 package classes must be used within 120 days. Group Camp sessions are 1 or 2 hours. Contact Teacher Tracy prior to purchase of camps and camp-a-thon group sessions to discuss preplanning, supplies, how it works, and fixed dates. 

Cancelation   When you need to cancel an English Class, please give notice 24 hours before a scheduled class in order to receive full credit and rescheduling ability.

Group Camp sessions require 100% attendance. No reschedule or credit for Group Camp sessions. Contact Teacher Tracy prior to purchase for details. plentypractical@gmail.com