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Communicating with Confidence in English - 4 week

Communicating with Confidence in English - 4 week

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Students, your presentations are the best opportunity to tell your story and inspire people to support your ideas.

In this course students learn to design, write and deliver compelling stories. With our interactive skill building exercises, teaching and one on one coaching methods, students will learn the skills that empower them and accelerate speaking performance in real time.


Suitable for students

  1. It is suitable for students from the second year of junior high school to the fourth year of senior high school.
  2. Students with 2 – 3 years of prior English tutoring and that are at conversational English level are best fitted for the course.
  3. Students interested in learning and using the presentation frameworks used in top US universities.
  4. Students who want to create meaningful content that ignites their ideas. 
  5. Students who want to improve their confidence and abilities to deliver passionately, their ideas in English.


Course Content

Phase 1: Warm up experiential exercises and compassionate coaching

  • learn and practice
    • personal introduction and influences.
    • Improvisation exercises for voice, breathing, body language
    • a one sentence personal value statement.
    • how to make requests.
    • elements of storytelling.
    • key words that organize, forward and tie together any length of presentation.
    • Lightening design sprints
    • Design, Write, Deliver 

Phase 2: Presentations

  • Students work with instructor to choose a final presentation
    • Design, write and deliver one of the following: a 2 minute to 5 minute oral presentation with media or props,
      • choose from
        • a personal introduction and value statement
        • student’s school assignment product or service introduction
        • an idea for others  to act on,
        • a speech topic
        • “how to” demonstration
        • Storytelling drama or comedy performance.
      • Review and one and one coaching for next steps.

This is a specialize online 4 weeks/2 hours. Small group, international students. Please contact  Teacher Tracy before purchasing for an interview and look at the scheduling. 

Tracy Sparks

Academic: M.B.A. Design Strategy California College of Arts

B.S. Applied Science, Indiana University

Workshops and Certificates:  CambridgeTEFL, Duarte Method in Public Speaking, The MAX with actor Paula Shaw, World Bank’s Rocket Innovation facilitator.

Creator: USAID AND SEC (SWISS Aid), Perfect Pitch Bootcamp, the path to communicating your ideas.

ESL Teacher: completed over 12,000 online English as a second language (ESL) classes with students K -12, 4 + years

Expert Facilitator: 2018 – 2020, UNICEF’s educational web platform for character and EQ (emotional intelligence) instructional games, for grade 6-9 and 10 - 12.



Tracy is a compassionate teacher that supports students by challenging them to listen, learn, understand and express themselves and their ideas to the fullest, starting from their skill level.  All this is to expand a student’s connection to others in an empowering and engaging way.

She teaches using methods of Demonstrate, Do it, Review it. All classes are experiential with lots of interactions. Students learn simple frameworks to improve their understanding, memory, and retelling abilities of any topic they learn.

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